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Oshawa, Ontario, L1H7R9


Invoice Number INV-0159
Invoice Date March 9, 2022
Due Date April 9, 2022
Total Due $641.64
Caddylink - Matthew Cholod
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Beverly CC course setup

-setup subdomain
-setup cloudflare DNS
-setup SSL
-change settings for course
-Sharpen and source bg img

.75 Solution for name display with 2 additional numbers

-create a solution for names being displayed with 2 numbers behind them
-Will show name format now as {Firstname} {Lastname} site-wide.
-apply fix to beverly (can be applied to others as well, but will take time if requested)

1 CCHT Golfer booking ability

Golfers can now book caddies and receive requested SMS messages etc.

.5 March 25 updates

-Update notices boards on all sites to hide date column
-Hide login notices and dashboards from dev admin and course admins

1.75 Hourly work March 28

-Completed loops view page with caddy filtering
-Removed all the BOOK NOW buttons on OTF for the courses you listed

0.45 Hourly Updates - Royal Fox

Admin phone updated
Golfer users imported
Admin account password updated

.6 Add Loop Tracker to all live courses

Adding Loop Tracker page and links to:
Chicago Highlands
Royal Fox
Bull valley

6 Create Custom

-Rebuilt rating system to include more custom input variables
-Rebuild system to select/detect caddy from dropdown instead of url/SMS
-update DB to accept new inputs
-Update review display page with new values and style

.55 Filtering reviews results

-Create PHP/MYSQL script to filter results based on a selected caddy and display live in the table below.

8 Outlook365 Setup + troubleshooting email

-Troubleshooting connectivity with 365 server/Caddylink
-Contacting GoDaddy

.65 Updating Beverly to new rating system

-Switching to new DB fields
-Adding new code to view additional DB fields and loading data
-Bringing over code for new review submission
-Adding new CSS styles + image logo
-Adding filter code
-Adding button to admin panel to go to new review page + button in that page to submit page

0.6 New smtp mailserver research + application on test server

-Find better alternative for email server
-Connect to API of SendGrid via CaddyLink
-Test email

1 Show Up Request

-Examine requirements to modify OTF - came up with idea to recycle existing functionality
-Set up "show up request" through old caddy booking system
-Customize UDF to modify SMS to caddy for SUR
-Add navigation to admin/course admin for show up request

Sub Total $641.64
Tax $0.00
Total Due $641.64