548 Cherryhill Street
Oshawa, Ontario, L1H7R9


Invoice Number INV-0132
Invoice Date June 4, 2021
Due Date June 30, 2021
Total Due $359.00
Caddylink - Matthew Cholod
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total

River Forest:
1. Caddie availability - Needs to be changed to unavailable. All caddies right now are set to always available.
2. Caddie selection - After selecting the date / time we are not able to select a caddie. It just comes up as "Service name" and lists 18 holes. We need to be able to select the caddie.
3. Admin Panel - I went in to mattadmin but was not able to find the account for the pro shop side of the system. Can we make them one?

Bull Valley:
1. We are not able to add more than one phone number to receive the notifications. Can we add these emails. and
2. Time slots for the booking page. Instead of 5 minute chunks can we have 10 minute chunks. - Yes Please 10 Minute slots and if possible from 7am until 7pm, no need for 12-1am and 10-11:50pm spots in the reservation block.

I have attached a photo that is coming up for some caddies when they try to login on their mobile. Seems like it is happening more when they select the link to accept a loop.

1 Adding/Configuring River Forest Club
9 June Hourly Updates

-Review system development and testing
-Admin post notes on a page for all caddies to see. Update/edit/delete notes
-Setup bulk email removal options and delete all golfer emails
-Flossmoor: see "All" booking button
-Special caddy booking form with SMS integration
-BV: two new admin emails to be notified when a caddie accepts or cancel a loop

3.3 Hourly Additional

-Call GoDaddy to inquire and upgrade server resources for storage and processing limits
-Meet w Matt to review updates for approval then apply to each individual course
-Remove Caddy bio button from each course admin panel
-Update all menus to include links for each role for all new features
-Correspondence with Hakan in regards to max limits and potential updates + API info.
-Troubleshooting user accounts/emails

1 Adding/Configuring River Forest Club $100.000.00%$100.00
Sub Total $959.00
Tax $0.00
Paid -$600.00
Total Due $359.00