548 Cherryhill Street
Oshawa, Ontario, L1H7R9


Invoice Number INV-0063
Invoice Date April 11, 2019
Due Date May 3, 2019
Total Due $479.25
Graymatter Marketing Solutions

1550 Bayly Street, Unit 16A, Pickering ON
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
0.25 SSL SSL reinstallation

0.6 Dye and Russell

Fixed D&R website. Some made some changes and disabled SSL bug

4.8 Dye and Russell

-Fixed broken page links and plugin disabled + updated password
-Fixed gray sliders

#1000 clickable for TEL call
Sponsorships on website for hospitals etc - Depends on where they will be displayed and how many: likely ~1 hour or less
Pages that will be linked on bottom on bottom for individual cities - build the page: 1 to 1.5 hrs approx
Duplicate page and add individual content for each city: ~10 mins each, so 10 mins x the number of cities


-Updated all pages with new content
-added PDF's via FTP and linked to them
-Updated Drupal modules (broke site and had to troubleshoot)
-Added security update
(only charging for half the time as the site crashing was unexpected)

Sub Total $479.25
Tax $0.00
Total Due $479.25