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Due Date May 7, 2022
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Graymatter Marketing Solutions

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1 DRPS - April 10

-Adding new area for Monitoring Reports
-Sourcing PDFs containing monitoring reports and clipping specific pages pertaining to monitoring reports only
-Adding reports to Chief's page

1 updates

-Meeting/calls with Darren
-Adding new fan product

1 Security

-Submit cleanup/security scan of all site
-Add WordFence to TKI and DRPS + manual backups

2.95 April 20-21 Ribfest Updates

Under header add in bar with….
Star bust to the left. ( If you can use a better star than we had last year that would be great.) Wording: FREE GIFT CARD
Beside starburst: First 50 cars per day receive a voucher for an Erin Mills Town Centre Gift Card (available at Guest Services)

Centre of bar: Picture of the Go-Vaxx Bus with title Get Covid Pfizer Vaccine 1, 2, 3 or 4th Booster This Weekend (add in a Click here for details button so they can get more information). In the information part you can use pictures from the attached Go Vaxx Tool kit or we used a picture in the last Sept. website a well.
Information part….

GO-VAXX Mobile clinic will be offering the Pfizer vaccine. First, second, third vaccines available as well as the fourth dose booster for those who are eligible*

*For information on eligibility please go to Ontario Expanding Fourth-Dose Eligibility | Ontario Newsroom

Hours: Friday May 13 – 12noon – 8pm, Sun May 15 10-6pm

Book an appointment or walk in

Appointments can be booked 4 days in advance of the clinic date at 8:00am by going to the provincial booking website or by calling the Provincial Vaccine Contact center at 1-833-943-3900. Please be sure to mention the GO-VAXX when scheduling an appointment.

Walk-ins are accepted, while vaccine supplies last.

Right side of bar….
WIN The Ultimate Treasure Chest… see some artwork we had from last year. Perhaps we can use the Main wording at the top along with the treasure chest. Value is over $4,000.

This should also open to a more information section. I would need to see what we had there last year as the rules etc. just need minor modification.

Here is a list of the prizes we have so far. Many of the logo’s can be pulled from last year, new ones can be pulled from the internet. They should all be linked.

I am trying to remember if we also listed the prizes? Can you see what we did before?

Also a highlight in this years treasure chest is a Auston Matthews Signed Blue Toronto Jersey along with Certificate of Authenticity.

Here is a list with more to come…..

Alioli Restorante

Jack Astor's


The Keg

Colin Imrie

Enza Unique

Mississauga Car Detailing

Chuck's Roadhouse Bar & Grill

Nutcracker Sweet



Village Wellness Spa

Red Lobster


By Chance

Pump House Grille Co


Snug Harbour

Door Fifty Five

El Jefe

Indian Cuisine by the Lake

2. There are some changes to our Message from our Chair….here is the whole thing with revisions. Please keep in the font you currently have. Keep Title and Logo’s at the bottom. Don’t mind it’s in red, I am just pulling from what people have sent me.

10,000 cars came through the event last year and we were thrilled to serve you!

We received many pictures, thank-yous and kind words. Rotary would like to offer our gratitude for all your support.

This Spring, unlike the past 2 years, you can take Ribs with you to enjoy with everyone ... neighbours, friends and family.

We hope you return to our Drive Thru Ribfest for the Ribs and stop to add French Fries/Poutine, Corn on the Cob and Tiny Tom’s mini Doughnuts

for a festive banquet for all to share. We would love to receive photos of your group enjoying their meal together.

Join us once again for the Best Backyard BBQ Drive-through May 13th, 14th and 15th at Erin Mills Town Centre.
Enjoy award winning, authentic southern BBQ pork and beef ribs, chicken, brisket, and pulled pork
while receiving a few surprises along the route.

As the need is still great, a charitable entry fee of $4 will be added to every order* with proceeds going to
the Mississauga Food Bank and other Rotary sponsored charities.

A scrumptious meal and the opportunity to help your community, it’s a WIN WIN!

We invite you to come on out and support your Mississauga Community, together we can achieve more.

Mark your calendars for our second event of the year Sept. 23-25, 2022. Watch this site for more details.

*Applies to a payment at any of the 4 Ribbers only.

3. Sponsors:

Add IPEX Logo to Bronze Section – link – logo attached

National Bank -Bomhower - Move to Silver

Change Bader Law Logo – see attached.

4. Menus

Please put in the section for the menus. Use same menus for the Ribbers as in September, keep Corn same, Tiny Tom’s see below and add in a section for B&D Fries/ Poutine. (Still need to get pricing for B&D Fries.)

Tiny Tom’s

1 dozen $7.00

4 dozen $25.00

Flavours (1 flavour per dozen)


Icing sugar

Apple cinnamon


2.2 April 22 Ribfest

-Phone call with Christina
-New changes to site + review page
-Design new graphics
-Connect new IG account for social feed

1.5 April 24 Ribfest

Treasure Chest at the top.

Rules of Play

#2 should read…Winning number will be notified by phone before 5pm on May 16, 2022.

Treasure Chest Main Body – Kevin the best thing to do here is to find last years version. I say that because we worked long on the wording, we also have to Thank the Sponsors and all the logo need to be linked to the sponsors website. If you can find the original from last year.

If you can’t find it….then….go to #4…keep in mind that we will still need to add more logo’s to this section.

Treasure Chest in main body….

Over $4,000 in gift cards should be changed to…. Valued Over $4,000

Info Line to read: CONTENT HERE

1.5 Hourly in office

-Setup email for Bree
-Fix accounting email for Aud/Chantelle
-Hourly work

.7 DRPS - Apr 22 Hourly

Updated Documents on:

1.5 April 26 - Ribfest work

-Phone call with Christina (30+ mins)
-Updating raffle sponsor info + logos + links
-Adding info to site
-Adding analytics

.85 DRPS Hourly

1. Please remove Board Member Patrice Barnes’ picture and bio for now (she is on leave until June 4, 2022) can you please save/keep it to add it back on the website after June 4th 2022?
2. The section on “Reports from the Chief” doesn’t have all of the ones from recent agendas (there is only one there from April). To reiterate, the monitoring reports from each meeting should be posted there, that you could take from the agenda after each meeting. Let me know if you need to remind you monthly for this one or attached the actual monitoring reports if it helps?
3. I will email you the week before each monthly meeting to post a media release on our web site advising the public of the meeting. These will be the regular, recurring updates to the web site.
4. Under Policies/ByLaws , Executivie Limitation, please add the attached policy “ Succession Planning”

1.5 April 28 - Kevin Ashe

Setup landing page and emails

Sub Total $706.50
Tax $0.00
Total Due $706.50