548 Cherryhill Street
Oshawa, Ontario, L1H7R9


Invoice Number INV-0165
Invoice Date May 1, 2022
Due Date May 20, 2022
Total Due $1,120.50
Graymatter Marketing Solutions

1550 Bayly Street, Unit 16A, Pickering ON
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 May 1 Ribfest Updates

Ribfest hourly
-Sponsor additions
-Graphics updates
-Raffle Sponsor updates
-Content changes for raffles

1.5 GoDaddy Security Setup

-Phone call w GoDaddy
-Setup/config security

13.5 May 9-19 Security Updates

-GoDaddy server work + security research and consulting
-Phone calls + server config and monitoring

0.75 Hourly work

Updating Ribfest final changes

0.75 Toasted Walnut update

Toasted Walnut update with checkout + plugins and core update

2.75 Hourly

-Show Sheldon how to update for posts/events/endorsements
-Go over GoDaddy with Skye
-Update to new version and remove #1000
-SEO updates for Tinknockers + changing meta descriptions
-Fix Kevin Ashe SEO: resubmit to Google

1.25 DRPS Work

-Add monitoring reports “Reports from the Chief” for May 2022 Board Meeting to website (individual PDFs)
-Add Disconnecting From Work Policy under “Policies/ByLaws” - “Executive Limitations” section

.85 Updates for Kevin Ashe's site May 30

-send email info for Kat to add account to Kevin's phone
-Update website endorsements
-Redirect all domains to (.ca,,
-Website image request
-Set weekly meeting for content updates

3.5 June 7 Hourly

-Working on tasks in office
-Fix firmes site
-Call GoDaddy and fix firmes email
-Mail ticket for email system to remove generated accounts
-Review new sites/projects with Audra and calls with clients
-Finding template for new D&R site
-Call w TinKnockers
-Changes to Kevin Ashe site from Kat

2.5 Hourly

-OTC website fix
-Video for St. C rowing + website update w doantions

1.75 June 16/17th Hourly

-In-office tasks
-IP info for Chantelle + emails
-TKI SEO work/report for Skye

0.5 DRPS Update June

-Update June16
-Download/convert Media Advisory Doc + create cover image and add to site
-June 15 Media Release doc addition

2.75 Hourly June 19 week

-Sheldon's email
-D+R Posts search in db
-New endorsements page
-Weekly Endorsements updates
-Add individual titles for each
-Troubleshooting phone/router
-Emily's email setup/testing
-OTC email troubleshooting + backup addition
-D+R meta tags for Skye in code

0.5 DRPS Updates June 22

-Monitoring Report PDF addition to Reports from the Chief page
-Create cover photo for monitoring report + rename from 6a to correct title
-Source PDF version of report from website
-Create cover photo for report
-Add annual report to Annual Reports & Business Plans page

1.25 The Toasted Walnut Updates

1. Change the pick up time to 48 hours notice for all items. (including pop up banner)
2. Remove the 24 hour pick up time option
3. Remove the breakfast pick up option as well as the time slot 9-11:30
4. Remove breakfast take out all together 
( we should have a pdf version of our breakfast menu on the website) 
5. Make sure the last pick up option is 4pm. (I have had a few come in at 4:45 but we close the store at 4pm. Not sure how they bypassed it.)
6. Add our Dine in lunch menu as a PDF under menus. I will email the newest version.  

Sub Total $1,120.50
Tax $0.00
Total Due $1,120.50