548 Cherryhill Street
Oshawa, Ontario, L1H7R9

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Invoice Number INV-0165
Invoice Date May 1, 2022
Due Date May 20, 2022
Total Due $1,064.25
Graymatter Marketing Solutions

1550 Bayly Street, Unit 16A, Pickering ON
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 May 1 Ribfest Updates

Ribfest hourly
-Sponsor additions
-Graphics updates
-Raffle Sponsor updates
-Content changes for raffles

1.5 GoDaddy Security Setup

-Phone call w GoDaddy
-Setup/config security

13.5 May 9-19 Security Updates

-GoDaddy server work + security research and consulting
-Phone calls + server config and monitoring

0.75 Hourly work

Updating Ribfest final changes

0.75 Toasted Walnut update

Toasted Walnut update with checkout + plugins and core update

2.75 Hourly

-Show Sheldon how to update for posts/events/endorsements
-Go over GoDaddy with Skye
-Update to new version and remove #1000
-SEO updates for Tinknockers + changing meta descriptions
-Fix Kevin Ashe SEO: resubmit to Google

1.25 DRPS Work

-Add monitoring reports “Reports from the Chief” for May 2022 Board Meeting to website (individual PDFs)
-Add Disconnecting From Work Policy under “Policies/ByLaws” - “Executive Limitations” section

.85 Updates for Kevin Ashe's site May 30

-send email info for Kat to add account to Kevin's phone
-Update website endorsements
-Redirect all domains to (.ca,,
-Website image request
-Set weekly meeting for content updates

3.5 June 7 Hourly

-Working on tasks in office
-Fix firmes site
-Call GoDaddy and fix firmes email
-Mail ticket for email system to remove generated accounts
-Review new sites/projects with Audra and calls with clients
-Finding template for new D&R site
-Call w TinKnockers
-Changes to Kevin Ashe site from Kat

2.5 Hourly

-OTC website fix
-Video for St. C rowing + website update w doantions

1.75 June 16/17th Hourly

-In-office tasks
-IP info for Chantelle + emails
-TKI SEO work/report for Skye

0.5 DRPS Update June

-Update June16
-Download/convert Media Advisory Doc + create cover image and add to site
-June 15 Media Release doc addition

2.75 Hourly June 19 week

-Sheldon's email
-D+R Posts search in db
-New endorsements page
-Weekly Endorsements updates
-Add individual titles for each
-Troubleshooting phone/router
-Emily's email setup/testing
-OTC email troubleshooting + backup addition
-D+R meta tags for Skye in code

0.5 DRPS Updates June 22

-Monitoring Report PDF addition to Reports from the Chief page
-Create cover photo for monitoring report + rename from 6a to correct title
-Source PDF version of report from website
-Create cover photo for report
-Add annual report to Annual Reports & Business Plans page

Sub Total $1,064.25
Tax $0.00
Total Due $1,064.25