548 Cherryhill Street
Oshawa, Ontario, L1H7R9


Invoice Number INV-0172
Invoice Date July 25, 2022
Due Date August 25, 2022
Total Due $1,835.89
Graymatter Marketing Solutions

1550 Bayly Street, Unit 16A, Pickering ON
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
0.5 Durham Police Board Updates July 15

-Media Advisory addition

0.5 Durham Police Board Updates July 25

-Monitoring Reports additions

2.5 July 28 - Office Hourly
1.25 Domain management

-Contact GoDaddy about domains
-Renew expired hosting
-Renew expired domains

1 Graymatter Updates Aug 9

-Add Daniella to website
-Get written content/image
-Crop photo to size/circle
-Emails w Emad for Leedway

2.75 August 16 Ribfest

-make new logo transparent
-Remove video
-Add white stroke to certain parts of new logo so it's visible on background
-Make images circular in photoshop and add white stroke
-Add curved titles to circular images
-Size 4 images to fit 2x2
-Replace sub-banner info
-Fix image for prize basket
-Redo burgandy section
-Find better source for Crabby's BBQ Logo + Pistols
-Update Ribbers section
-Search for wording for old raffle
-Send link to old version of site
-Create map section for 2022 with no drive through
-Search for old "What you need to know" section

2.15 Aug 17 Kevin Ashe Updates

-Lawn Sign additions + virtual sign
-Get sign PDF from Kat then size on photoshop for site
-Policy: add to site via popup
-Policy create button and class to trigger popup
-Email troubleshooting + correspondence
-Volunteer - popup and form updated
-Gallery or “In Our/The Community” Page Needed
-Contact Page Updates

1.5 Kevin Ashe weekly updates for endorsements

-(4) Weekly additions to website for endorsements content
-Resizing photos for each provided

1 Aug 18 Email Troubleshooting

Call GoDaddy and reconfigure email servers to ensure all emails from contact forms are received by Kevin and Info

1 August 18 Ribfest updates

-Emails + updates for Christina
-New map

1 Tom Hayes Website

-Website Development
-SSL Certificate setup/installation
-Email Purchase
-Call Godaddy
-Email configuration
-Form delivery troubleshooting

1.25 August 20 - Updates to Tom Hayes site

-Please change the headshot used – I sent a link to the one we used in his canvas flyer
-In the community section
Change out the image of him and the woman speaking for this one so there’s more diversity:
-The image of the truck, can we adjust so we see the logo on the truck & a little less garbage, not sure if it’s possible to brighten it a bit
-Each sentence/point should start with a capital and end with a period
-The school lunches point needs to update the school name to: St Elizabeth Seton Catholic School
-The kiss & ride point needs to update the school name to: St Elizabeth Seton Catholic School
-The Spinal Muscular Atrophy section – investigative doesn’t need to be capitalized, and “that convinced the provincial government to approve lifesaving drugs.” Is missing “to” (in red here to show where it needs to go
-Annual Pickering Markets fundraiser – capitalize the F in fundraiser
-Background image for the contact section – Tom is going to take a neighbourhood photo in his ward to replace what’s there. Please use the image that Kat send this morning as a placeholder for now.
-Tom would like to add a “Donate” button like Kevin’s
-The opening statement, replace what’s in red, with what’s in green below
-Hello Neighbours and Friends of Ward 1....
-Add social media links

1.25 August 23 Hourly - Tom Hayes + Kevin Ashe Website Updates

-Phone Number needs to be added – 905-904-2521 - similar to Kevin Ashe’s website
-Bio to come and needs to added to first page
-Social Media link should be at the top and larger
-Vote for Tom Hayes at top of the first page needs to be much larger
-White Background needs to be darker on the first page
-Remove the border box around Tom Hayes message on the first page
-Change “Contact Tom” to just “Contact”
-Donate link needs to move to the top of page
-Add an ‘Endorsements” page – we will provide content soon, but the page needs to be added

-Change “Endorsement” to Endorsements” (edit links on all pages + titles and menus)

-Update logo for Ribfest

15.5 David Pickles Website

-David Pickles website design + rebuild
-Sourcing content/placeholder content
-Server setup
-SSL setup

.25 August 24 - DRPS Update

-Add Media release to website

.5 August 24 - David Pickles Website Updates

-Add social media icons + links to website
-CSS to style icons and align
-Add icons to contact page as well
-Update contact info (phone + email)

.5 August 24 - Ribfest Updates

-Update FAQ According to this year's non-drive-true rules
-Emails w Christina

1.5 August 25 - Ribfest Updates

-Call with Christina to review website and list new changes

Complete changes:
-Send over raffle wording to Chrtina for accordion
-LIVE Music bold
-WIN larger/beside treasure chest / smaller image for live music
-Kids under 10 are free.
-Remove 5 for family of 4
-Same Great Community Fundraiser – make this larger
-Bring your appetite AS.. (content change)
-LOVE TO DINE OUT - section move
-Add white border around jersey image + writeup above or below jersey
-Authographed Nylander maple leafs Blue jersey <- in white box above
-Jawny - gift cert $50/e11even - $100/Solstice - $100/remove rogues/glenerin - luxury 1 night stay + spa and dinner for two $509/bulova $450 value/glen abbey - golf foursome $1000/MLSE - change jersey name/remove hockey hall of fame
-Map - redesign
-Live music addition
-$5 for 1 | 5 for $5 for 10 tickets section

.25 August 26 Hourly

-Update donation functionality for Kevin Ashe's site to send to Audra + Skye as well
-Update Ribfest "Rules of Play" for raffle contest

1 August 29 Hourly - Tom Hayes

-Convert video from MOV to MP4 for web
-Tom Hayes - add video to website
-Create form for email to collect lawn sign requests
-Design lawn sign + add to site
-Add section to site to fill out for lawn sign

.65 Aug 30 - Hourly

-Video troubleshooting
-Create Youtube channel for TH
-Upload video and create custom embed setting
-Change autoplay and mute

Sub Total $1,835.89
Tax $0.00
Total Due $1,835.89