548 Cherryhill Street
Oshawa, Ontario, L1H7R9


Invoice Number INV-0173
Invoice Date September 1, 2022
Due Date September 30, 2022
Total Due $1,939.50
Graymatter Marketing Solutions

1550 Bayly Street, Unit 16A, Pickering ON
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
.75 Sept 1 David Pickles Updates

-Resize header image and use content-aware fill to modify and add more sky to fill background
-Swap header image in slider + delete parallax elements
-Change Menu text colors and write CSS to force scroll colour change for menu text
-Swap logo to white to stand out against blue sky
-move button up to balance against background
-Search for domain host

1 Sept 1 Tom Hayes Updates

-Create new banner background image
-Setup Slider revolution on site
-Verify SR
-Export slider from KA site
-Import to Tom Hayes site
-Modify slider from KA colours and branding to Tom's
-Change video embed link
-Resize for mobile/laptop
-Change transparent menu setting colours to match for regular menu

2 Abby Plaskett Website
1 Sept 4 -TKI SEO Updates

-Add alt tags to all images site-wide
-Change products with image descriptions to text descriptions for SEO boost

.5 Sept 9 - TKI SSL

-Generate new SSL for TKI
-Install SSL on cPanel
-run AutoSSL scan
-Test new SSL
-Apply SSL to subdomains

1 September 12 - Hourly

-Ehosting server migration to GD for DP

0.75 September 13 - Hourly

-Remove Daniella's email from account
-Remove Daniella from website
-Create new email account for Cara

.25 Sept 13 - DRPS

-Add new documents from Anita to site

.65 Sept 15 - Hourly

-Add new DRPS docs to the site
-Add new endorsements for DP
-Create email forwards from Daniella's old email

1 Kevin Ashe Weekly Endorsement Additions

-Aug 31 Kevin Ashe Weekly Endorsement Addition
-Sept 7 Kevin Ashe Weekly Endorsement Addition
-Sept 14 Kevin Ashe Weekly Endorsement Addition
-Sept 21 Kevin Ashe Weekly Endorsement Addition

1 Sept 16 Hourly

-Kevin Ashe website edits to remove Pickering logos and update images etc.
-Add all endorsements to Tom Hayes site

1 CCA Website Audit

-Make audit for CCA.ONE website and send to Audra

2.75 Sept 19 Hourly

-Google calendar domain management:
-Add all domains + dates to google cal
-Separate out which are hosting only
-Add reminders for renewals
-DLDA email troubleshooting
-Download new video and convert for upload
-Add to YouTube and embed new link into Slider Rev for website

1.75 Sept 20 Hourly - KA+DLDA

-Kevin Ashe website updates:
-4 photos changed on home page (sent some options in previous email)
-Remove Susan Johnson and Giovanni Conte pictures from endorsements page and replace with photos I sent in previous email.
-Can endorsements be switched from newest to oldest instead of oldest to newest.
-New Page – Info for Voters
-Voting Info from city attached in “Voting Information” document
-Debates & All Candidate Meetings

-DLDA email troubleshooting

.25 Sept 20 Hourly - DRPS

-Get files from Anita
-Update PDFs for monitoring reports to DRPS website (6a and 6C)

1.75 Sept 21 Hourly

-DRPS: Update documents on site (0.25 h)
-Suize Brown follow up w emails (0.25 h)
-Kevin Ashe Website + video updates + endorsement video and links (1.25 h)

1.25 Sept 24-25th Weekend Updates - David Pickles

-Hourly work for David Pickles
-Emails with Paul
-Updating website image/edits
-Add traffic count + display and modifications

1.25 Sept 26 Hourly

-TKI Email troubleshooting (GoDaddy call + configs) - 1 hr
-Ribfest Raffle Winner website update - 0.25 hrs

5 Raveena Website Updates

-Updating Raveena's website with list provided

1.2 Sept 29 Hourly

-Get The Facts Page - Kevin Ashe (.75 Hrs)
-Updating menus - Kevin Ashe (.2 Hrs)
-Adding analytics to Kevin's site (.25 Hrs)

.5 Sept 29 Hourly

-Adding SSL to Raveena's site

11.5 Sept 29 & 30

-The Pearl Spa website rebuild
-Add SSL cert

0.5 October 3 - Raveena Hourly

-Website update
-New link to PDF brochure in top banner
-Banner update style for mobile to display brochure

-Add "info for voters" page

0.5 October 5 - Domain Management

-Cancel upcoming unneeded renewals
-Check upcoming cancellation to confirm validity
-Go over SSL cancellation plus domains

1 October 6 - Hourly

-Organize donations and email Tom
-Call Tom
-Email Skye for mayor Ryan's endorsement image
-Update Kevin Ashe site

4.25 Oct 8-9 Hourly

-Rollback from Oct 8 to 7 via recovery
-Manually clean each directory of infected files
-Fix D&R lambda theme - outdated and crashed site
-Fix/SSL secure Richler Photography (expired ssl)
-Add Wordfence security to herriot, kevinashe, votepickles, votehayes, d&r, drps, martysclisizzi, richlerphotography, Tinknockers
-Scan sites individually
-Plugin updates
-WP core updates
-Go above ../public_html to find infected files
-Change cPanel password: Graymatter2023!@

Sub Total $1,939.50
Tax $0.00
Total Due $1,939.50