548 Cherryhill Street
Oshawa, Ontario, L1H7R9


Invoice Number INV-0174
Invoice Date October 18, 2022
Due Date November 18, 2022
Total Due $1,244.25
Graymatter Marketing Solutions

1550 Bayly Street, Unit 16A, Pickering ON
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1.25 Kevin Ashe Weekly Endorsement Additions

-Sept 28 Kevin Ashe Weekly Endorsement Addition
-Oct 5 Kevin Ashe Weekly Endorsement Addition
-Oct 12 Kevin Ashe Weekly Endorsement Addition
-Oct 19 Kevin Ashe Weekly Endorsement Addition
-Oct 20 Kevin Ashe Additional Endorsement

1.75 PrideMobility Hourly

-Create SEO report of past clients for reference
-Generate SEO report to show areas of improvement for their site

2 October 17 Hourly

-In office work/hours
-New projects review w Audra
-Meeting with Marcus

0.5 Oct 18 Hourly

D&R site fix

1 DRPS Hourly

-Added the 4 reports from the Chief
-Removed the Delegation to the Chief Policy
-Added the new Delegation By-law with Schedule A
-Added the media releases and removed "the second is" on the same page

1 Oct 21 Hourly - The Toasted Walnut

-Explanation video
-Menu Update
-New link for freezer menu

0.65 Oct 22 Hourly

-David Pickles - Add Rogers video embed to website
-David Pickles - Add Candidate profile
-Lenkas email troubleshooting

3.5 Oct 25 Hourly - In Office

-Fix OTC site
-Go over Marcus' server for quote
-Secure PCM site with SSL
-Meetings etc.
-OneHourSiteFix refund (Approx 1k CAD)
-Leedway Group logo/images update
-PTC Video boost views/likes

0.5 Oct 31

-Adding captcha to email to reduce spam
-Signing up for captcha account
-Changing email settings to deliver non-threaded emails

2.5 Nov 1 Hourly

-Cancel email for Kevin Ashe's accounts x 2
-Create image mockups for this and last year's projects
-Update Work page on Graymatter site for:


-Create a slider image for Mark Welch
-Add new Board member slider to website
-Create board member bio page

3 Nov 7 Hourly - In Office

-Update yearly domain/hosting spreadsheet
-Design905 SSL addition
-Landing page for your city mag
-Senior solutions website brief review/print
-CCA audit review /discussion w Skye

3 Nov 15 Hourly - In Office

-Update DRPS SSL
-Add Media Releases to website
-Add Reports from the chief PDFs to website
-Make title pages for each PDF document
-Update Policies and Bylaws on DRPS website
-Update all plugins + security + backup website
DRPS total: 1.5 hours

-Update yourcitymag images
-CLAZ server setup
-Senior solutions server setup
-Theme search for new site for Pride Mobility
-Hourly work

3 Nov 18 Hourly - In Office

-Meeting w Mayor Ryan
-CLAZ Review with KAT + Chantelle
-Seniors' Solutions PDF review with Chantelle
-Hourly work

3 Nov 22 Hourly - In Office

-Organizing Pride
-Going over templates
-Hourly work
-DRPS Addition (20 mins)

Sub Total $1,244.25
Tax $0.00
Total Due $1,244.25