548 Cherryhill Street
Oshawa, Ontario, L1H7R9

[email protected]

Invoice Number INV-0188
Invoice Date January 26, 2023
Due Date February 28, 2023
Total Due $731.25
Graymatter Marketing Solutions

1550 Bayly Street, Unit 16A, Pickering ON
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1.25 Jan 26/27/8 - Domain Transfers/management

Jan 28 - HKD website permalink fix

1.25 Feb 1 - Hourly

-Email fix for uniquedancewear
-New email account creation for Priya
-Thetoastedwalnut inventory troubleshooting

0.5 Feb 2 - DRPS

Updating media release

2.25 Feb 8 - Hourly

-DRPS bio update (30 mins)
-Leedway Google Workspace update (30 mins)
-Taurus: image removal + Google contact for special requests (1.25 h)

1 Pickering Foot Clinic Updates + Lenkas

-Change [email protected] email to Gmail address on each page footer
-Change [email protected] email to Gmail address on each contact form
-Remove product page
-Update menu to reflect page changes
-Update footer year
(45 mins)

Lenkas Cleaning Co - Add recaptcha services to website to block spam emails (15 mins)

.5 Feb 16 - DRPS Updates
.5 Feb 22 - DRPS Updates

-Add monitoring reports to the website

.5 Feb 22 - DRPS Updates # 2

-Update Policy
- Add 3 attachments and remove the old document “Repeal” - Monitoring Reports

.5 March 2 - DRPS Updates
1.75 March 3 - BTM Email, Domain, Hosting

-Purchase/Setup Microsoft Exchange for
-Create + test 3 email accounts
-Configure DNS for email + hosting on Lee Ann's GoDaddy account
-Backup website from current domain
-Migrate website to new domain
-Setup + Install SSL on new domain

4.25 March 6 - In Office Hours

-Emad - emailed him to ask about site
-Pride - load up products when Marcus sends spreadsheets
-ETA - start on website when Audra sends content
-BTM - follow up w Kat for images for slider (Lee Ann approved adding stock photos)
-DLDA - contact Suzie for new summer content
-Mayors Gala - need new logo and content
-Joe Novak call + moving site over to our hosting (billable for domain + hosting annual)
-Went over billing + email w Chantelle for BTM
-Meeting with Bryan to go over ETA

1 March 8 - Quantum Rehab Blog update

-Get Citrix Credential Renewed
-Connect to server via RDP and get files and site structure for blog
-Create new file pages and write code for APS pages for new blog entries
-Resize and add photos to directories
-Update blog index ASP file

1 March 10 - Hourly

-BTM Updates for content + images + call w Lee Ann
-Selection for stock photos
-Slider updates
-Make website live
-Responsive sizing + mobile logo size update

Sub Total $731.25
Tax $0.00
Total Due $731.25