548 Cherryhill Street
Oshawa, Ontario, L1H7R9


Invoice Number INV-0247
Invoice Date April 1, 2024
Due Date April 30, 2024
Total Due $2,400.75
Graymatter Marketing Solutions

1550 Bayly Street, Unit 16A, Pickering ON
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
6.75 Pride Mobility Updates - April

-04/02 Pride Mobility monthly blog addition + New Blog menu (1h)
-04/03 Quantum Rehab Blog + index updates - Lennon and Jared (2h)
-04/04 Website updates for Essential LC106 product launch (1.25h)
-04/17 Website homepage blog link addition + image modification (0.5h)
-04/22 Blog image resizing (0.25h)
-04/22 Quantum Rehab Blog + index updates - Lennon (1.25h)
-04/23 Quantum update for Mike - remote connect to server and update powerbases Q1450 img/links and remove rival from page (0.5h)

21.85 Graymatter

-03/29 Website Onboarding Checklist for Kat and Social Boosting tutorial for Bree (1h) x
-03/29 Update UBS website for Tom Hayes + update master password sheet with login credentials + Add Favicon (1h) x
-04/01 Meeting with Bree & Priya - Social Boosts strategy, Ad research for FB/Google, SSL over view (1.25h)
-04/01 SSL fix for
DNS Redirect to new server for:
pickeringchristmasmarket (2h)
-04/01 GoDaddy troubleshooting refund (0.75h)
-04/02-03 Social boosts + overview video for Bree (1.25h)
-04/02 Work for Tom - UBS updates (1h)
-04/04 Work for Tom - UBS updates (0.25h)
-04/05 Meeting with Mayor's Gala (0.5h)
-04/05 Work for Tom - UBS updates (0.25h)
-04/08 baystreetchambers SSL troubleshooting (0.25h)
-04/08 DLDA - Remove Brooklyn from website (0.25h)
-04/08 Social Boosts (0.25)
-04/09 In office hourly work (4)
-04/11 Domain purchase with my PayPal - (C$16.11) (0.35h)
-04/11 Calls for Rotary club IG recovery (0.5h)
-04/12 Work for Tom - UBS updates (0.5h)
-04/17 Domain transfer from Skycomp to Godaddy (movemag) (0.25h)
-04/19 Gala admin account setup for transfer + removing admin content (0.25h)
-04/19 The toasted walnut - plugin updates + scan website for ads (Nicole's email) + security update + remove ad code (1h)
-04/22 Social boosts for Bree (0.25h)
-04/24 Domain management + cancelled and privacy (0.25h)
-04/24 Meeting w Priya + Bree - Connection issue w Pride socials for auto-posting + connected Ribfest accounts IG-FB for posting + went over sweepwidget + discuss one-pager doc for Jessica (1.25h)
-04/24 Social boosts for Bree (0.25h)
-04/25 Leedway troubleshooting - SSL resintallation for Emad (0.25h)
-04/26 Social Boosts for Priya (0.25h)
-04/29 Updates for Tom Hayes website with testimonials (0.25h)
-04/29 Signature troubleshooting, spacing, and installation for Angela (0.75h)
-04/30 Meeting w Bree/Priya (1h)
-04/30 Social Boosts (0.25h)

3.25 Durham Regional Police Services Board

-03/20-31 Site branding update (logo/Durham Police Services Board change to Durham Police Service Board) and all document repeals and amendments (1h carryover from March)
-04/02 2024 2024 Budget update and menu update (.5h)
-04/03 Additional updates for website. Remove all dates for documents, Complaints of Misconduct update, About us/Public complains content update. (1h)
-04/04 Update to Financial Conditions and Activities document and “making a deputation” page (0.5)
-04/11 Add Media release to the website (.25)

9.5 Dye & Russell

-04/05 - SSL setup after Dotster changed to (0.5h)
-04/08 - Meeting + working with Debbie to RDP and calling Microsoft (2h)
-04/11 - Call with Abicus support/Clayton to arrange license migration of MS account + correspondence with John (1h)
-04/12 - Call with Abicus support, call with MS support, call John/modify and send PDF document to Clayton (1h)
-04/15 - Call with MS support + correspondence w Clayton (1.5h)
-04/19 - Email correspondence and ticket responses (0.5h)
-04/22 - Correspondence + upload link for APC Support (0.5h)
-04/24 - Work with support + secure copy of database files + forward to Tracey/correspondence (2h)
-04/29-30 Correspondence w Tracey for formatting + Lynn (0.5h)

1 Ribfest

-04/15 Ribfest Updates
Volunteer page
Menu update
Homepage updates
Sponsor additions and page updates
Favicon addition(1h)

1.5 Mosey

-04/15 website setup
-domain connection
-SSL addition
-CMS installation
-Theme installation
-Maintenance mode

8 Mayor's Gala Website

-04/15+24 Website updates on all pages
-Style updates
-logo swaps
-content changes
-rev slider mods
-sourcing/sizing logos and charity info for each new charity
-adding website links for each charity (x7)
-Remove https redirection with SSL expired
-04/25 Create new user + access for Gala's developer to make update + correspondence
-04/26 Set up SSL on Gala site + redirect to https traffic and set up image links + font files
-04/26 Purchase hosting plan for Kim
-04/28-29 Set up new hosting plan + backup website + move website over + install new SSL + direct domain to new hosting + update DNS and MX records to make sure email accounts still work + email for Kim

1.5 RexAI

-04/16 RexAI website setup
Connect domain to hosting server via DNS nameservers
Install CMS (WordPress)
Install theme and activate
Setup coming soon page
Edit logo files for sizing
Add favicon
Install SSL
Update master spreadsheet with credentials and hosting/domain info

Sub Total $2,400.75
Tax $0.00
Total Due $2,400.75