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Invoice Date August 13, 2022
Due Date September 1, 2022
Total Due $810.00
Graymatter Marketing Solutions

1550 Bayly Street, Unit 16A, Pickering ON
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16.5 Leedway Website Design + Development - August 2-13th

-Leeway Website Design
-Leeway Website Development
-SSL Certificate Generation and Installation
-Content/Image/Video Sourcing
-Optimization and Speed Check
-Responsiveness/Compatibility Review

1.5 Leedway Changes from Emad - October 10

-Take out the LEEDWAY words and just put the logo with no words just the circle one
-take out "real estate" and replace it with "Property Management"
-Approach: Replace it with "Land development"
-Take out the text and replace it with the following (feel free to edit the text)
Investment Strategy i. Source and Due Diligence:
1. Target below market value properties with high investment potential
2. Conduct extensive due diligence prior to closing to identify issues and risks
3. Develop a risk response strategy (avoidance, transfer, mitigation, and acceptance)
4. Conduct feasibility studies and refine them throughout the due diligence period
ii. Acquire and Manage (create value)
1. Establish and revise Budgets
2. Build and update Schedules
3. Project Controls: track budgets and schedules and implement corrective action where needed
4. Value Engineering focusing on innovative solutions
5. Manage designs, studies, and permits process
6. Construction and Project Management
-Construction Management
-Initial Meeting: Take this one out
-After Schematic Design add a new one "Value Engineering": improved processes. Efficient design
-Analysis: Replace it with Risk Analysis
-Commercial Investment and Real Estate services: Take out "real estate services and your investment our priority:
-Real Estate Services:
-Take out the text and just add the logo of Leedway Realty which when you click on it it will take you to
-Contact Kat to get HD images from links I provided to ShutterStock

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Total Due $810.00