548 Cherryhill Street
Oshawa, Ontario, L1H7R9


Invoice Number INV-0040
Invoice Date August 18, 2018
Due Date August 31, 2018
Total Due $164.25
Stargroup Sports
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
0.65 Marketing Strategy

Brief email outlining potential marketing solutions for e-com website

.78 Marketing strategy consultation phone call

Discussed marketing options and set plan for updates to the site and funnels

1 Various website tasks

-Design and add hibbett button <- locate closest shop on sold out
-Remove option for crate (6 packs of each product) - this adds "add to cart" button on shop page

0.8 Adsense setup + "in store" button

Setup adsense on site and add code to the header
-add in store button
-Remove 'in store' button

Sub Total $145.35
Tax $18.90
Total Due $164.25